Learn how to shoot film

When I started shooting film I was immediately converted! But I thought it was unique to me until I started sharing what I knew with others. What I found was that others were also able to tap into the creative power that is shooting film. So I’ve made it my mission to help everyone and anyone I can to experience the power of shooting film!

Please enjoy and take advantage of all the wonderful free resources to help you on your journey!


Learning to Shoot Film Facebook Group

This is not just another ‘see my pretty images’ Facebook group. This is a come let’s be real and share our mistakes, ask our questions, and get down and dirty with this film thing kind of group! It’s also a rare thing that the founder of a free Facebook group makes regular appearances, but I am in there almost daily! Creating a growing and powerful community is what I am all about! So come, bring your questions and be ready to learn!


Find Your Camera

The hugest hurdle to overcome when you know you want to try film is finding your camera! The overwhelm of 75+ years of film cameras is real! So I have created bi-weekly emails sharing with you my personal recommendations for the best camera deals currently available!


3 Common Film Mistakes & How to Avoid Them

These are the three most common fixes for incorrectly exposed images. Break down the differences between digital and film in a digestible way so you can experience the mind shift and begin shooting film intentionally and consistently!

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