1 Hour Call

Plan for how to begin implementing film 

Film Gear Finders Service

investment: 400


Film is my medium of choice. It brings a mindfulness and beauty to my work that I could not create without.


Like you, I was drawn to film because of the beautiful and real way it captures life. What I didn't expect was that it would also give me the creative process I was searching for. 

It is this process and it's beautiful results that I hope to instill. Within our mentoring sessions it is my hope that you will not only learn to shoot film, but that you will also extend yourself as an artist and find this beautiful process for yourself.

Mentoring Packages



3 1 Hour Calls

Portfolio Review

Review of 3 film sessions

Film Gear Finders Service 

The Visionary Way Film Course

investment: 1597


a la carte

Film Gear Finders Service | 30

A service to help you find the perfect gear based on your needs. After the initial questionnaire I will send the websites with my recommendations within 24 hours on workdays.

Film Gear Full Finders Service | 50

A full service that provides your perfect gear set up delivered right to your door!

Mentoring Call | 300 per hour

You are a motivated artist looking to delve deeper into a mindful process that will deliver beautiful results. You are ready for your work and process to transform your current trajectory! 


I would be honored to assist you in anyway I can to further your film journey as you create your own aesthetic and capture those vignettes of life and work that speak to you.

I have created these packages with care and intention to help you be successful while also giving you the flexibility to invest. If you have further questions please contact me here.



5 1 Hour calls

Portfolio Review

Unlimited Image Review

Film Gear Finders Service

The Visionary Way Film Course

investment: 2397


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