Medium Format cameras

Hasselblad 500 MC

This camera is definitely on my list! But until I can get my husband on board I’ll have to wait!

Yashica LM

This camera is lovingly referred to as ‘the poor man’s Rollie”. If you’ve been following on IG and seen my 4x4 images taken with my rollie then you’ll love this camera! Super old school with it’s double lens it’s a wonderful experience to shoot with.


These are the Rollieflex! I sent you to the full page so you can see the different models, lenses, and sizes. This is the camera I have been loving. It shoots from the waist and in a 4x4 or square format. I am obsessed. It's the camera I'm taking on my trip to Europe and using to document my family currently. It has changed the way I see things and I just absolutely love it!


Hasselblad - the name itself it amazing. This is the next camera on my list to at least try. Everyone I talk to says they're amazing! Can't wait!

Pentax 645 nii

1 - The workhorse of medium format cameras. The Pentax 645 nii. Has autofocus and an amazing work ethic. I know so many photographers that choose this camera over any other medium format because of their ability to just keep on keeping on! While this is just the body there are beautiful lenses made just for this camera. It's also very affordable for a medium format camera.