Find your camera

Getting started on anything new is always the hardest part. When it comes to film the highest hurdle is finding the right camera to start with! I thought about offering a finding service, but it has been something I've been happily doing for free! So instead I decided to open to help get cameras into the hands of anyone who wants one!

Below you'll find the links to the cameras I personally recommend and would purchase myself! Some of them I do own and others I would like to! But mostly they are just wonderful cameras that will help you take beautiful photos! I don't want this to be the step that keeps you from film, so here they are!



Awesome starter cameras for anyone interested in dabbling in film for their personal use. The most affordable entry level options.



Awesome - leaders of their day - cameras. These are wonderful for photographing your memories and your still life portfolio work.



You're a pro and you want professional results! These are awesome and the bodies I would use in my professional wedding work.