Branding photography

Your images speak volumes.

The images you share set the tone of your brand. Intuitively we're all drawn to certain imagery because of the way it makes us feel. Before we ever get to share our message through words we communicate visually, through our images.  I have loved working with businesses to create beautiful content to communicate the values and message of various brands within the creative industry.

Branding shoots are for business who are ready to take their efforts to the next level. You understand who you are, what you offer, and who you offer it to. You are ready to have imagery that communicates these things clearly so your ideal client can find you! You are ready for your business to make the leaps and bounds you have been dreaming of!

All branding shoots include product, portrait, and when necessary lifestyle photography. 


Plume + Fete

A beautiful custom and semi-custom calligraphy studio, Plume + Fete, needed images that communicated clearly their soft romantic design aesthetic. Together we curated a beautiful lifestyle shoot that would share with their audience not only the aesthetic but the beautiful designer, Dominique, behind the brand. 


Wool Haven - COMING SOON!

Wool Haven creates heirloom merino wool baby blankets. Through imagery we curated various shoots that would communicate the core values of the brand. It was also important to give many different scenarios for the client to imagine themselves using the product.  


Holly Ann Calligraphy - COMING SOON!

Holly is a teacher who needed portraits that both told a story and helped her students see her as approachable, fun, and knowledgable. 

Each branding shoot is completely unique! As it should be. We work closely with each of our brands to ensure we communicate your message clearly and beautifully. As such these packages are created custom and limited to just a few each year.  

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Branding questionnaire

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