All Manual cameras

Exakta VX

35 mm all manual camera suitable for documenting memories and landscapes. Definitely a personal camera. But that Zeiss glass is amazing! Check out the second link - a youtube about the camera! This camera also comes from my local Reno store.

Canon AE-1

The Canon Ae-1 - a really really awesome first film camera! It's one I love recommending and at $72 it's a total steal. I typically see these for $150+ so someone please snatch up this deal! Do not purchase the as is body of this. As Is means it's only good for parts!I also recommend the 50mm lens you'll find on the screen just below the body. 

Visitor 220

This is the all manual camera I have! I LOVE shooting with it! At $35 with the lens I believe this is the cheapest camera I have recommended. This eBay seller does not accept returns, but it would be the same if you purchased it at a garage sale. I would take the risk 100%.

Minolta x-700

Canon AE-1

Canon ae-1. I believe I have recommended this camera every single email! I love it that much. Granted each link has been different, but the camera is still the same. So if you ever find one somewhere snatch it up! The average price is about $150 with the lens.