image by Jessica Haderlie

image by Jessica Haderlie


My path to finding portraiture as a form of communication and creation has followed an unconventional route. I began as a ballerina who studied literature. When my life took me abroad, I found a new voice in photography. I haven’t put my camera aside since and have found my voice in portraiture. 

Because of my background I am deeply influenced by literature, art, and movement. In literature, I find voice to my thoughts and commonality in the human condition. Through art, I experience beauty, color and shape. In dancing I find movement and strength that empower so much of my work.

I found my way to weddings years ago and to this day my heart still leaps each time I am trusted to photograph such an intimate occasion. There is beauty at every turn and raw emotions being shown so naturally, that I find myself inspired by the same fleeting moments I am there to document.

Portraiture photography is the very essence of who I am. All of the work I do stems from that place in me that believes that each soul is beautiful and precious and that their story is worth being told.