$200+ cameras

Canon EOS 3

35mm modern film camera. It was THE 35mm pro-camera to have in it’s time. Canon and compatable with all modern ef lenses. Suitable for pros and those wanting to build a portfolio of their work. I find it a little heavy for my travels and family adventures, but if you’re used to hauling a DSLR and love it then this is the camera for you. This is the camera body I used in the giveaway. It's also the body style of my first film camera! Definitely worth every penny!


Hasselblad 500 CM

This camera is definitely on my list! But until I can get my husband on board I’ll have to wait!


Pentax 645

The amazing Pentax 645 camera! I do not shoot with this personally but most of my friends do. They swear by it's reliability and amazing lenses. If you're looking for a medium format camera this might just become your go to. This is definitely for the professional or the upgrade you think about after mastering 35mm. It is sold in pieces so be aware that you will need to scroll down and pick up all the pieces you need!



I am putting this one in here because I KNOW you don't believe me that the all manual film cameras are amazing and produce amazing work. I know you think that if it's older than it isn't as great. But guys! That is just not the case. film is film is film! You can and WILL produce amazing work with these cameras!


Nikon F6

This is the 35mm pro camera that Nikon IS STILL MAKING! Amazing. And they definitely price for it as well. The absolute perfect film camera for all your professional needs!


Canon F1

$278 Canon F1 - a super awesome find! A really fun camera, not to mention its cool factor. It's also the perfect size to slip in and out of your small purse! 


Nikon f4

This is the Nikon body series I mentioned in the live! It’s their second to last model and accepts all the modern lenses. I would love to see a Nikon shooter with this camera in their hands. The professional body of it's time!