@$100-$200 cameras

Nikon FE

This Nikon is in beautiful condition and if you read this review you'll understand just how amazing this camera is! I also recommend this lens to go with it! KEH also has other listings for this same body in different colors and price ranges so click the related bodies below if you want to keep searching.



These cameras are amazing and this one is such a good price - body and lens together! Perfect for all the things - family outings, holiday gatherings, as well as elevating your own portfolio.

Pentax K-1000

The Pentax is the go to for 35mm cameras back in the day! Such an amazing deal as it comes with the flash and lens! Perfect for all my favorite things: elevating your portfolio, family, friends, and travels.

Canon EOS1

For the professional - the amazing Canon EOS1. It will accept all your modern lenses and it seriously the best way to jump in and start adding film to your portfolio and workflow.

Yashica LM

This camera is lovingly referred to as ‘the poor man’s Rollie”. If you’ve been following on IG and seen my 4x4 images taken with my rollie then you’ll love this camera! Super old school with it’s double lens it’s a wonderful experience to shoot with.


Contax G1

$199 Contax G1 - This little guy is the model just before my own G2! I can vouch for the amazing images this camera can take! And on the plus side it has the modern abilities of auto focus!! So if you're looking for something that's easy to carry and will deliver beautiful images this is your camera!


Canon eos-1

The Canon EOS1N - this camera is an amazing and affordable way to get your hands on a professional grade 35mm camera! And all your modern EF lenses are compatible. 


Canon Elan

This is a steal!! Amazing find for a Canon Elan! Great price and the fine print looks good! Just double check to make sure you have the camera looked at within that 30 day return policy. Again amazing way to start adding film into your professional work!

Pentax K-1000

All manual awesome - THE pentax camera that kind of made Pentax Pentax. Absolutely perfect - I'd take this one to weddings and shoot some amazing journalistic type stuff. Perfect for landscape, family documenting, and flat-lays!!


Canon ES-1

Canon ES-1 with amazing lenses and other gear included. Seriously a sweet deal. When I shop on eBay I always look for the return policy. Then I am going to make sure that the camera is in working order during that time. Taking it to a local camera shop and having them do a quick check will let you know whether it's working or not!

Canon EOS 3

Canon EOS3!! But please make sure it's working in the 30 days return!

Nikon F2

 A really beautiful Nikon camera. So so perfect for shooting your life  - family, travels, landscapes with! Even flat lays and still life!


This is such an amazing camera! If you are looking into medium format - somebody pick this up! If you aren't sure what medium format means then don't worry about it just yet! But if I could I would shoot everything with my Rollie - and this camera is the same idea but much more affordable. Trust me - you will love creating with this camera! Amazing amazing find. Kinda can't believe I'm sharing this one actually! For your life - especially people. I love portraits with this thing. As well as your work. It's in the 4x4 format so you're images have the ability to be automatically shared on IG. Love anything that saves me time.


Um SOMEONE PLEASE PICK ONE OF THESE UP! These look absolutely so so fun to capture your life and travels with! So compact but still has amazing manual options. There are several different options to purchase that range in price. But man I'd love to slip this in my bag while in europe. So easy to pack too! Even if you aren't interested do yourself a favor and scroll down to read more about it. Really an innovative film camera for its time.


Nikon F-100

The amazing Professional Nikon camera that will take your modern lenses! This is for the Nikon pro shooting portraits, family sessions, and weddings!


This is the Nikon camera I want. It's the one Annie Leibowitz used when she documented The Rolling Stones. It is the Nikon camera in my mind. Awesome for starting to add film to your wedding portfolio. Plus your clients will think you're awesome for using a completely manual camera! It is not compatible with your modern lenses. Absolutely perfect for elevating your brand and product photography.