Drawing on her work as a professional ballerina and her love of fine literature, Sara has a vulnerable strength to her which has shaped her artistic eye. Her photography documents the profound beauty of ordinary moments and offers a glance into the souls of ordinary people.


body of work



Sara's art lies in her instinctive ability to notice the powerful, yet, insignificant parts of the human existence and to capture that moment that a soul opens and allows itself to be seen.



True to her art, Sara expertly documents human connections. It's those moments that are fleeting and often forgotten that want to be remembered.



Sara's work with branding has brought about beautiful transformations for her clients. With her love of details and ability to translate stories and feelings into images she expertly captures the essence of the companies she photographs. 


Sara also provides engagement, lifestyle, and editorial photography. To view all her galleries

Film photography education

Shooting film is not just a beautiful aesthetic. It is a mindful and purposeful process that immediately elevates your work. If you have been dreaming of learning more about film and how to incorporate it into your professional workflow or even just to document your life in a beautiful and meaningful way! Click below to learn how you can begin your film journey today!